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Complaints and Feedback

We welcome all feedback and complaints as these help us to improve our service to our clients and the community.

We value our customers and their feedback on our services, and are committed to effectively managing any customer complaints that may arise.

The services we offer to the local community, and the relationships we have with our customers are an integral part of our business. If you have experienced an issue with the quality of our service, have concerns regarding a Team Member/s, or another area of our business, the following process should be followed:

1) Submit your complaint either verbally or in writing to Caitlin Breheny, Director of Connect Paediatric Therapy Services in a timely manner (this can be done via our online feedback form);

2) Contact will be made with you regarding your complaint via phone within a 24-hour period in order to discuss your complaint further and gain and additional information that may be required. If the complaint has been made in writing and submitted on a weekend, contact will not be made until the next working day;

3) All avenues will be investigated and documented to reach an appropriate outcome and resolve the complaint;

4) All complaints will be taken seriously, and managed in a professional and timely manner;

5) Once a complaint has been resolved, this will be formally documented in writing to the complainant via email and placed on file.

We are committed to continuously improving our services and practices and having an avenue for formal feedback is a key part of this process.