What are Psychology and Counselling services?

We are able to accept referrals or appointments now for youth and family psychology and/or counselling services. Youth Counselling services cover ages ranging from birth – 25 years of age.

Our team supports young people to work on areas of their lives that that they would like to change, want to improve, find challenging or need support with. Some of the areas that can be supported are:

  • Overall mental health

  • Managing thoughts and emotions that have been or are unhelpful and disruptive

  • Anxiety management and support

  • Grief and loss support

  • Self esteem

  • Social interactions

  • Behavioural Difficulties

  • Depressions and sadness

Good mental health allows you to deal with the changes and challenges life throws at you and live your life in a positive and meaningful way. With the guidance of a psychologist or counsellor the client can be empowered to take charge and learn ways to tackle everyday life challenges.

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